Church History

History of St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church

St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1912 in the West End of Houston by Rev. E. H. Crooms and a group of Christian believers.  Prior to obtaining enough money to purchase their own land, meetings were held at various places.  The first service on their new land was held under a "Bush Arbor."  Because of hardship, the group was disbanded.  Some years later, they returned to their spot of land under Rev. W. M. Sykes.  Rev. Sykes led the believers for 18 years.  The first Church building was erected in 1926 under Rev. Sykes leadership.

Between 1928 and 1937, the Pastors of St. Luke were Rev. Ursurey, Rev. Floyd Johnson and Rev. Ware.  In 1929, during the depression, the doors of the church were closed for several days.  In 1938 God sent Rev. R. L. Dickey to pastor St. Luke.  Rev. Dickey led the church for 10 years.  Rev. Dickey and his wife lived in Studewood Heights and rode the bus to church.  When Bro. and Sis. Gipson bought their first car they would pick up Pastor and his family.  In the original building there was a bell that Dea. Richard Fantop, Sr. would ring.  Everyone knew the meaning of the different bell sounds.  Before Rev. Dickey, candidates were baptized in Buffalo Bayou, at the end of Detering and Memorial.  Still active members from those days are Sis. Dolores West, Sis. Jewell Williams, Sis. Elizabeth Dockery, Sis. Birdie Gipson and Sis. Odessa June.  Rev. S. A. Adams and his family were members of St. Luke.

The next pastor called was Rev. J. D. Blake.  Rev. Blake introduced tithing.  Later, Rev. E. S. Dancy was called.  Next, Rev. M. S. Simmons was called.  A cafeteria was added in the basement, the auditorium was extended 30 feet and a baptismal pool was built.

In November 1961, Rev. Donald G. Burgs was called.  Of his many accomplishments the mortgage was paid off and a "Mortgage burning Ceremony" was held.  The original building was demolished and the present brick sanctuary was erected.  Rev. Burgs organized the first Male Chorus, our first "Women's Day Service" and St. Luke's morning radio broadcast.  Rev. Burgs resigned on June 11, 1968 and Rev. E. L. Edwards, Jr. was chosen as pastor.

Rev. Edwards was pastor for 33 years, 11 months and 25 days.  His first sermon was entitled "Storm Birds".   Of his many accomplishments were the bus ministry,  an expanded fully equipped kitchen and fellowship hall.  Our late Rev. Edwards went off duty on June 5, 2002.

On December 6, 2002 the Lord sent Rev. Mark C. Davis to St. Luke.  His official duty began on February 16, 2003. His first sermon was entitled "My Desire for St. Luke Church".   One of his many accomplishments, thus far, was in July 2006 to pay off the existing note of the church.  The Master has taken an Ordinary vessel and molded him into an Extraordinary Pastor, Preacher, Teacher and Leader.