We are Christians who believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Committed and dedicated to stand at the front door of the church to greet those who enter with a smile, hug, handshake, words of encouragement and a desire to serve in any way needed.  Greeting is an opportunity to express God's love through Christ and to help set the tone for the upcoming worship service.  We form part of the first impression a visitor receives.  Greeters are God's servants.

Lead: Sis. Alberta Paley

Members are first devoted to witnessing of the goodness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to those that are lost. Mission I is also involved with: feeding and witnessing to the homeless by giving out bibles; distributing Christian literature, toiletries and clothing; making contributions to the Food Bank Ministry monthly; and keeping in touch with the sick and shut-in weekly with cards and flowers.  Our members also work with the Push-To-Win Ministry to help the elderly and low income families and children in need.  "We are truly Blessed to be Servants of the Lord."

Lead: Sis. Fannie Ballard 

Our objective is to lift the Pastor up in prayer, to encourage him through words and show love, support and gratitude towards him.  We provide moral, spiritual and financial support.  Our primary goal is support of our Pastor's vision and plans for the growth of our church.  We support him in every way to help accomplish the vision.  We plan events to recognize the Pastor's anniversary, birthday and Christmas.

Our scripture: Timothy 5:17-18

Lead: Sis. Karla Tuffley

Our motto: John 9:4, I must work the works of Him that has sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.  The Drill Team is an Army marching for Christ.  Ministering the word of God, quoting scriptures and marching with movements.  Learning the Bible with discipline and grace.

Lead: Sis. Pamela Busby

This ministry is committed to serving worshipers into God's Holy Place.  As doorkeepers, we direct them into the sanctuary, distribute programs, assist with offering and ensure an orderly service.

Our Scripture: Psalm 84:10

Lead: Bro. Terry Carlton

Our mission is to love God, love others, and love ourselves, using "love" as our guide to equip us to learn and live faithfully by the word of God as we grow continuously.

Lead: Sis. Nicole West